Divisions - UPD Distribution

UPD’s foray into third party distribution began as a tentative support agreement for wholesale client, Pasteur Mérieux Connaught (PMC) – now Aventis Pasteur – in December 1999.

“We maintain some flexibility in terms of the type of business models we offer our distribution clients.”

The division has subsequently grown to service 19 principles and a dedicated distribution team caters for the specialised requirements of manufacturers.

Its primary focus is the bulk distribution of branded and generic pharmaceuticals to wholesalers. The division also carries out the distribution on behalf of a number of nutraceutical manufacturers, and distributes surgicals to hospitals, private label to Clicks, and home health monitoring products to pharmacy and chain stores.

Although we clearly differentiate the activities of our distribution and wholesaling divisions, we maintain some flexibility in terms of the type of business models offered to our distribution clients.

Our experience and expertise in pharmaceuticals, our national infrastructure, and the sophistication of our systems give us the advantage of presenting our distribution clients with custom-designed solutions, according to their exact requirements. In addition, each client can decide which of their front-end operations they would like to retain and what they would like to outsource to us.